Some facts

Green Cities Inc is a youth base Social Enterprise geared to improve solid waste management in Liberia. We operate Liberia's first waste segregation and recycling center called Green Center. This center was constructed in 2011 with funding from the Bill Gate’s Foundation. Green Cities Inc was established in February 2012  and started full operation as a business in 2013 by a Mandela Washington Fellow by the name of James K. Mulbah. As the managing director of this social venture, we have two major goals, helping to reduce waste by adding economic value to it and also helping  create job opportunity for young people. We hope to achieve these goals by doing the following:

Waste Collection
We have young people who are doing regular waste collection from Businesses, Offices, NGOs, Schools, and others institutions. These institutions pay on a monthly basis for the services provided for them. We practice what we call Win-Win Strategic. We buy all needed recyclables from their waste while they pay us for disposing the unwanted waste.

Buying and Selling of Recyclables 
Young people collect recyclables from their communities and sell to Green Cities to improve their livelihood. This is done on a regular basis. We work with youth groups in various communities to build their organization and make them more sustainable. Some of those recyclables that are bought by Green Cities Inc. are as follows:

Company Vision

To create a clean and green environment through waste value chain.

Company Mission

We are dedicated to providing quality organic compost that will help reduce the quantity of chemical fertilizer in Liberia.

We are dedicated to adding value to waste in the city of Monrovia and its enviroment.

We are also dedicated to creating jobs opportunity for young people.
Organic Compost Production
We have young people we were trained in producing natural fertilizer from organic waste. These young people produce quality organic compost for Gardiner, Farmers, and also for Landscaping.

Paper Recycling
We have young girls from the communities who are working in at Green Cities Innovation center. At this center, young girls use their hands to produce quality materials from paper waste. These materials are sole to help sustain them and the Business.

Plastic Recycling
 Currently, we are recycling High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). This is helping to reduce the volume of plastic waste in the street of Monrovia. This is done in partnership with Cooperaxion.
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