Organic waste recycling

We recycle vegetable waste in combination with human feces to produce quality organic Compost for farming purpose. This takes us maximum four
months to have finish products.

Paper Recycling

We have young girls from the communities who are working in at Green Cities Innovation center. At this center, young girls use their hands to
produce quality materials from paper waste. These materials are sole to help sustain them and the Business.

Plastic Recycling

In this area, we are recycling High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). This is helping to reduce the volume of plastic waste in the street of Monrovia.

Waste Collection

We have young people who are doing regular waste collection from Businesses, Offices, NGOs, Schools, and others institutions. These institutions pay on a monthly basis for the services provided for them.

Buying and Selling of Recyclables

Young people collect recyclables from their communities and sell to Green Cities to improve their livelihood. This is done on a regular basis. We work with youth groups in various communities to build their organization and make them more sustainable.

Training in waste Management

We conduct training and consultancy in waste management and proper handling of all kinds of waste.
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